Our Services

Nomalex, as your No 1 Supplier of Multi-brand and customized Safety Equipment/PPE-Personal Protective Equipment, procure, stock and supply the following:

Fire & Flame Resistant coveralls and work wears.
Respiratory protection Equipment (Nose Masks, SCBA)
Fall protection Equipment (Belts and Climbing Hooks)
Firefighting PPE (Fire Kits, Hoods, Boots, etc)
Fire Safety and Protection Equipment (Supply, Maintenance and Repairs) FM200, FIRE ALARM SYSTEM, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS (DCP,C02,FOAM)
Helmet, Hand Gloves, Rain-boots, Rain coats etc.
Reflective Jackets ( All Hi-Vis Products)
Hearing protection Equipment ( Ear Plugs,Ear Muffs etc)
Welding PPE (Glasses, Aprons, etc)
Industrial Safety Equipment
Industrial Safety Signages (Supply and Services)
Fire Extinguishers -Maintenance/Refilling (Recharge)
All Safety Equipment
SUPPLY OF MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations Equipment)
Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) are key to a functional facility. Nomalex provides MRO supplies to keep any facility clean, safe, and in proper condition for efficient work.

Whatever MRO supplies your job requires, Nomalex provides a solution to make your maintenance and repair processes run smoothly and keep your workplace in pristine condition. MRO is essential to a safe and efficient workplace. Letting proper checks, maintenance, and repair of equipment fall to the wayside can put worker safety at risk and can result in expensive property damage and repair costs. Realize savings on time and equipment by properly maintaining and repairing with Nomalex MRO products.

Nomalex supplies a wide variety of MRO products for any industry facility, from raw materials to industrial cleaning supplies
Nomalex offers performance engineered abrasives. Our products provide end-user solutions from everything from the home improvement do-it-yourselfer, the renovation building and construction contractor, your neighborhood auto body repair shop, to the industrial manufacturing plant and more. Our expertise allows us to continually create innovative, cost-effective project solutions from large production jobs to small fix-up jobs. Whatever the sanding, grinding, or polishing application, Nomalex has the best product.

We supply Coated, bonded or non-woven abrasives for your metal or wood working applications. Discs - Belts - Flap Discs - Grinding Wheels - Cut Off Wheels - Spiral Bands - Flap Wheels and Cartridge Rolls from industry leaders
At Nomalex, our mission is to protect people and enhance lives by providing topnotch Fumigation and pest control solutions that ensure public health and protect the environment through energy efficient and sustainable pest control services. We offer a complete range of pest control services and solutions for commercial and residential properties, including common pests such as rodents, flies, stored product insects, biting insects and birds to other kinds of wildlife.

Driven by customer-centric innovation, our pest control solutions incorporate both preventative and responsive strategies to enhance protection for your business through a consistent, continuous Fumigation and pest management programme.

We are your No: 1 Modern Fumigation and Pest Control Service Provider.

We model our fumigation service in line with WHO and CDC approved guidelines